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THE CAMPUS LADY: Here's Why You Need to Download The March Edition

Friday, 4 March 2016 /
The Plus-size Edition: You’ve got to flaunt what your Mama Gave You!

It’s the third month of the year. Valentine’s is already done. Relationships were broken on 13th and restarted on 15th. One thing was missing though: the February Edition of The Campus Lady. We are, however, back with a bang: rejuvenate, bigger and better. You will now have your copy of your favorite Magazine on time. 

When we were settling on this month’s theme for your favorite magazine, a colleague joked that the Plus-size theme would be fun ‘especially the part where we encourage them to eat.’  

Ladies are usually sensitive when it comes to their body and therefore settling on the Plus-size theme is timely so that we can finally tackle the elephant in the room. As usual, The Campus Lady has gone out of its way to bring you well researched and inspiring works of art that will leave you appreciating your body as it is. 

We appreciate the fact that everybody is created in the image and likeness of God and hence our writers this month went out of their way to ensure that they emphasize on that fact and make you proud of yourself. 

Plus-size ladies usually suffer from esteem issues; however, after reading this month’s edition of The Campus Lady you will kick esteem issues where it hurts most and flaunt what your mama gave you. 

This month we also launch two programs that we hope every lady on campus will appreciate and voluntarily be part of in order to promote the girl-child. First, we will be running competitions on our social media platforms to select our monthly cover girl. These cover girls will not only be about beauty, but also about brains and willingness to voluntarily impact on the society for good. 

For the March Edition, we have Wanjiru Gaitho, a victim of Cyber Bullying. You will read her story in the pages of this Magazine and she officially becomes The Campus Lady’s Ambassador against Cyber Bullying.

 If you have ever experienced any cyber-related harassment, kindly get in touch so that we can get you help on overcoming the trauma.

Secondly, we are launching University Editions of The Campus Lady that will endeavor to empower Kenyan Campus Ladies to take charge of their destiny, provide a platform for mentorship in our respective campuses, provide a networking platform for Kenyan university students and spur and promote talents and ambition among female Kenyan Universities students. Keep following our Social Media Platforms for details on how you can be part of this life-changing course.

We hope this Edition of the Magazine will be an inspiration to you all. Enjoy.

Grab a Copy of The Campus Lady Magazine and have a Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, 11 December 2015 /

Campus Lady Magazine Cover Page

I have a problem with modern-day month of December and for that, I will start with a rant. Why does December come so quick after January? I feel like January was just yesterday and yet here we have December already! Who died and shortened everything from ladies’ skirts to months of the year? Back in the days – yeah, I drank Maziwa ya Moi for several years before the trucks that used to bring it got stuck somewhere in the Rift Valley, so I’m that old – we could wait forever for December to come. 

We could go to school from January till forever before April came. August was another universe away and we didn’t complain, we just piled the pressure and looked forward to December. When December finally came, we were a year older, several centimeters taller and a lot of kilograms heavier. We were ready for that month when we would finally travel to wherever and eat like we would never eat again for the rest of the year.

Today, that is neither here nor there…

So, December is finally here with us and this means three things to The Campus Lady readers: Christmas Festivities; time with family and loved ones; and most definitely another amazing read of your favorite Magazine. It’s a pleasure bringing you an improved Edition of The Campus Lady Magazine with new stories, new inspiration, new tips, and most importantly, new sections. 


In this Edition, we will get to share your thoughts on the stories that we brought you in the November Edition. It’s with pleasure that I note your overwhelming readership and support of our maiden copy. That such an amazing piece of art is for free is beyond the comprehension of most of our readers, but as the team behind The Campus Lady Magazine, we are amazing like that!

The Relationships Section gets a boost as we introduce another piece that will leave you rethinking about your dating life. This is in addition to the usual relationship drama that we brought you last month. We also introduce you to the Lifestyle Section, a brand new section that lets you in on the lifestyles of the Kenyan Campus Ladies.

Our Entrepreneurship writer had a sit down with a 22-year old lady who is doing it big in the Fashion industry. You can’t miss out on such Determination and Inspiration! Her outfits also get to grace the pages of this Magazine this month. Your thoughts will be highly appreciated.    


Has your boyfriend asked you to name a gift he can get you this Christmas? You should contact Laika Collections for amazing outfits that will bring the Christmas cheer in your heart. I know there are guys reading this, the best surprise you can get your chic this festive season is a call from Laika Collections informing her where to pick her outfit for Christmas. Trust me, she will sing your name all through 2016.

I can promise you for free that you will not put TheCampus Lady down before letting yourself on the Humor section. It’s good to laugh this December in readiness for the January stress and Wandering Nilote got you covered. In My Life Section just got even better. You can’t wait to feed your eyes with the latest happenings in the life of a campus lady.