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Increase Your Online Presence- Guest Post

Thursday, 22 January 2015 /
Thank you for your interest in guest posting opportunities at Nchi Yetu. Please read through the guidelines before submitting your article. Anything in the following following subjects would be welcome:
  1. Academics.   
  2. Campus Life.
  3. Entertainment.  (Youths)
  4. Products consumed by the youths. 

Benefits of Guest Blogging.

  •  Increase your online presence.
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog and expose it to new audience.

 Guest Posting Guidelines. 

  1. Your article must be original, unique , well researched and exclusive for 
  2.  Please attach at least a picture or a logo relevant to the topic. (Include image credits where necessary). .
  3. It must be 700-1000 words. Split your article into small paragraphs and include several sub headlines. Please add your byline at the end of the article. 
  4. You can include up to two links in the byline. 
Note: We expect you to promptly come back to reply to comments , share your post in different social networks because it will encourage discussion and benefit you the most.

  Submit your article. 

If you have a post that meets the above guidelines , send your proposal to Please include the post in the body of the email itself , or as an attachment in .txt, .doc or .docx format. Also attach the image(s) for your post.

If you have any question about Guest Blogging, contact us via our contact form.