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The Successs story of Sylvestar Stallone. Be Inspired.

Monday, 28 September 2015 /

Sylvestar Stallone
This is one of the saddest stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvestar Stallone. One of the most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day, Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point, he got so broke that he stole his wife's jewellery and sold it. Things got so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes, he slept at the New York bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food. His lowest point came when he tried to sell his dog at the liquor store to any
stranger. He didn't have money to feed the dog anymore. He sold it at $25 only. He says he walked away crying.

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Two weeks later,he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and the match gave him the inspiration to write the script for the famous movie,ROCKY. He wrote the script for 20 hours! He tried to sell it and got an offer for $125,000 for the script. But he had just one request. He wanted to STAR in the movie. He wanted to be the main actor. Rocky himself. But the studio said NO. They wanted a REAL STAR.

They said he "Looked funny and talked funny". He left with his script. A few weeks later,the studio offered him $250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered $350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie. But NOT him. He said NO. He had to be in that movie.

After a while,the studio agreed,gave him $35,000 for the script and let him star in it! The rest is history! The movie won Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Film Editing at the prestigious
Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST ACTOR! The Movie ROCKY was even inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest movies ever!

And do You know the first thing he bought with the $35,000? THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes,Stallone loved his dog so much that he stood at the liquor store for 3 days waiting for the man he sold
his dog to. And on the 3rd day,he saw the man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why he sold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused. Stallone offered him $100. The
man refused. He offered him $500. And the guy refused. Yes,he refused even $1000. And,Believe it or Not,Stallone had to pay $15,000 for the same,same dog he sold at $25 only! And he
finally got his dog back!

And today,the same Stallone who slept in the streets and sold his dog just because he couldn't even feed it anymore,is one of the greatest Movie Stars who ever walked the Earth!

Hi, being broke is BAD. Really BAD. Have You ever had a dream? A wonderful dream? But You are too broke to implement it? Too tiny to do it? Too small to accomplish it? Damn! I've been there too many times!

Life is tough. Opportunities will pass you by,just because you are a NOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. Its a tough world. If you ain't already famous, or rich or "connected", You will find it rough.

Doors will be shut on You. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes. You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

And then your hopes will be crashed. You will be broke. Damn broke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feed yourself. And Yes, you may end up sleeping in the streets.
It happens. Yes, it does.

BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM. Whatever happens to You, Keep Dreaming. Even when they crush your hopes, Keep Dreaming. Even when they turn you away, Keep Dreaming.
Even when they shut you down, Keep Dreaming.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People will judge You by HOW you look. And by WHAT You have.

But please, Fight on! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!
Even if it means selling all your clothes and sleeping with the dogs, ITS OKAY! But AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL ALIVE, Your STORY IS NOT OVER. TRUST ME.

Keep Up the Fight. Keep your dreams and hope alive. Go great.

Src: Sylvestar Stallone Blog 

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Part III: Transmogrification Of A Female Campus Student ( Third & Fourth Year )

Thursday, 9 July 2015 /

Transmogrification Of a female Campus Student
Juliet, EU
This article is a continuation of :  PART II: Transmogrification Of a  Female Campus Student (Second Year)

Admission to university conjures up visions of a place plenty of hope and a haven of unlimited freedom. But those who have passed through these institutions will tell you that there is more to university life than the supposed glamour. Each academic year comes with a new experience,right from being code-named ''gold'' in the first year to called ''archive'' in the fourth year. Here is an exploration of the transmogrification of a third & a fourth year campus student.


This is where you get highest number of single girls. The young woman has been to hell and back; fought with another over a man, been impregnated and ditched etc. She understands men very well. She knows all lines men use. She is mature and she can help you when in need and are always kind .

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According to *Weeds, a student at a local university, a 3rd year woman is stable and good material for a wife but a few men have time for them. Their stories are' too well' known. For instance, the number of guys they dated in the first year, how many abortions they have attempted etc.They also have a couple of haters.The men they shunned in the previous years ,who keep scaring away prospective ''investors'' with their sordid stories like ''Huyu? Wewe kwisha!'',''Ni kuro'' etc,. Some stories are usually clear lies.

 Those that are already in a relationship are very obsessive  to keep her man from going after a ''fresher''. She monitors his movements and ensures that he is always by her side. Some crazy ones can resort to desperate measures like moving in a man's room and doing the laundry, leave alone cooking. The length of the skirt at this stage does not matter since her anatomy is too well known... ha ha ha.

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The good thing with third years, they get hurt less easily since they know life now. They start dressing decently and dedicate their time to books and others start returning to churches. The bad thing is that you always hear them talking how men are beasts, idiots, yet its only one man who hurt them.


There is little to talk about 4th yr women. They seem like forgotten lot and their hostels refferred to as ''archives''. They have no focus on what is happenning in campus but focus on their future,job and maybe family. They take studies seriously and attend various conferences and lectures to enrich their cv's, ...

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Now You Know!

By David Mwenda

Part II: Transmogrification Of a Female Campus Student (Second Year)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015 /


This article is a continuation of: Part I: Transmogrification of a Female Campus Student (First Year)


Like form two students in high school, 2nd years are the notorius lot in campus. They feel that they are bonafide members of the university and its this lot that often agitates for ''rights'' for women , everything completely changes from the style of dressing to speaking style and the kind of pals they hang out with. The skirts get shorter, 'tights' and hipsters hold tightly the assets and arsenals, and the back is revealed more. They begin experimenting alcohol and other lethal drugs which they eventually get hooked to. Coming to class late is now normal and her revealed body parts and structures are constant distraction to classmates especially male students and a times lecturers.

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She starts skipping classes since she is too busy attending other engagements to fight off competition from ''freshers'', she casts her net wider and shuns the campus men. Men dating a woman at this stage is hell, stress and headache since second years are very competitive, getting advances from lecturers, senior students and maybe sugar-dadies. Men are not judged by the content of their hearts but by the size and depth of both pockets.

According to *Juliet, a 4th yr student, the 2nd yr has the highest number of players. This is where one discovers the power of luscious looks. You often hear them brag that they are dating the ''working class'' dudes. Bankers, managers, businessmen, doctors and other professionals run after them. Statements like ''my dude is in canada....blah blah'' are common at this stage. Many lead lavish lifestyle and no weekends finds them in school. They are taken out in sleeky cars by the ''working class''.

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By the end of the second year , a good number of them IF NOT CAREFUL  either get pregnant or may  have aborted.


This is where you get highest number of single girls. The young woman has been to hell and back; ........CONTINUED --- Part 3: Third Year Female Campus Student.

Part I : Transmogrification Of A Female Campus Student ( First Year )

Juliet, EU
Admission to university conjures up visions of a place plenty of hope,a haven of unlimited freedom,and at the end of it all,a dream carrier. But those who have passed through these institutions will tell you that there is more to university life than the supposed glamour. Due to peer pressure some end up doing doing things they never dreamt of such as the church youth leader in the village who ends up becoming a drug addict.

For women especially,it is a life of self-discovery and experimentation. Each academic year comes with a new experience,right from being code-named ''gold'' in the first year to called ''archive'' in the fourth year.

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When *Juliet was admitted to Egerton University to study languages four years ago,she was the happiest girl on earth. She had always dreamt of working with embassy and earning a good salary. She was the first in her village to join such an exalted institution.She was a devoted christian and a choir leader at her local church and everyone adored her in the village. She was a role model and a real life example to many small youth who admired to be like her. She joined Laikipia campus with an ambition of becoming proficient in at least six foreign languages at the end of four years. 

When she was warned of the wayward behaviour at university by the students leader's, she dismissed the caution! ''How could a person in her right mind smoke and drink!'',.... but she was to learn that worse things can happen. With 10 broken relationships under her belt, she is now struggling to recover the addiction to alcohol and desperately clinging to an elusive boyfriend who had once promised to marry her.The jovial carefree girl with ambitions of becoming a diplomat is no more today she would accept any job as long as it puts food on the table and clothes at her back. ''I cant tell what really happened and when i took a wrong turn'' she says.

When young women join campus,they are easily distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. For the first few weeks,most of them are humble and focused. They have dreams and ambitions (DNA), among this lot expressions like ''earning a first class honours'',''pursuing a masters degree immediately or ''investing my first salary'' are common. They have high expectations of learning so the number of first years who skip classes is low. They also submit assignments on time and are obedient to lectures and lecturers. It is during this stage that a campus girl can tell you what kind of a man she wants in life without narrating any sad experience with men, the type of car she wanna drive, what firm she wanna work for, the countries she would like to fly to e.t.c

Since most students at the campus come from upcountry, they join campus clad in very nicely, presentable and hygienic attires i.e cute skirts and sweetly knit blouses, flat shoes etc. They walk in groups and mostly associate with those from their home districts and their former schoolmates. They get to learn skills like learning to use ''flush'' toilets at campus. A large number of them are dedicated members of christian unions and hardly miss any Bible study sessions.

At this stage the senior male students are easily available and generous. Some start saving early for ''gold rush peak season''. These male students have their rooms stacked with sophisticated electonic gadgets, packets of sweets and biscuits, juices and other snacks. The room floors are adorned with shining carpets. They use this as bait to win the hearts of first year girls. Infact, most of them refer the rooms with names like ''kichinjio, old traford, theatre of dreams, the 3 musketeers, stamford bridge, emirates e.t.c''.These men also frequent the first year's women hostels carrying chips, biscuits, popcorn and other sweet stuff.

At this stage in her evolution,the first year girl has the allure of hotcakes and her phone is busy. Her schedule is very tight with invitations coming in fast and furious.She is promulgated and spoilet for choice where suitors are concerned. Many of these men will have dumped their second, third and fourth year girlfriends in favour of ''freshers''.Towards the end of the first semester, the ''civilization and promulgation'' process begins and the new members want to feel part and parcel of ''campus life''.

A large part of their budget is dedicated to buy 'tights', high-heeled shoes and expensive bags. Their walking style changes from nice walking to dancing-catwalking. They also buy loads of cosmetics and beauty products and change their hairstyles every fortnight. Some realise the importance of body fitness by doing exercises or going to gym, reason? ''I want to shade off some weight and slim''. Others discover they have a flat figure and try to gain some figure- china made figure. The girl discovers that she is no longer in the village but at an institution of higher learning where there is a lot of freedom-no parent interferance. They discover new friends and their language changes.  They begin to use words like ''as in'', ''kinda'', ''dont mind'' ,''dude'', ''wooow", "GFF" etc. As they are talking the facial expressions and body works are exageratted to talk like celebs like Tyra banks,jlo,Winfrey, name them......

Towards the end of the second semester many enter miss university concerts!...before i forget many of them have new china made phones and they discover the power of music by walking head high with earphones in their ear sockets.


Like form two students in high school, 2nd years are the notorious lot in campus..... Continued--:::  

Part II; The Tansmogrification of a Female Campus Student (Second Year)

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Written By: John Mwenda

HELB Loan Application Guide / Instructions

Friday, 22 May 2015 /

 Helb Loan Application Disbursement
Helb Logo [Courtesy:]
This article is a continuation of : Helb Loan Application [ Part One ] 
The Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, is a financier of higher education in Kenya. The mandate of the Board is to disburse loans, bursaries and scholarship to students pursuing higher education in recognized institution.  HELB awards loans to certificate, diploma, bachelors and post graduate students.

NEW: HELB Loan Application Is now Open 
HELB Loan Application Announcement
HELB places advertisements in the print media in which it invites applications for loans. Applications are usually received in the last quarter of the year (i.e. between October and December). The Board maintains a deadline and those applications received after the deadline without justifiable reasons are not processed.

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HELB Loan Requirements 
 Applicants are required to have the following:

  • Copy of your national ID. 
  • A Valid bank account. 
  • KRA PIN No
  • Parent (s)/ gurdain particulars  
  • Parent(s) death certificate. ( if not existing) 
  • Copy of letter of admission to the university/college. 
  • Copies of two guarantors’ ID’s. 
  • Three Recent colored passport size photograph
Application Process 
The process of loan application is usually done online following the procedure outline below: 
i.   Log onto HELB portal by following this link:  helb loan application portal

ii.  Click create account to create your account profile with HELB.

iii. While still logged in, go to the home page and click ‘fill the application form correctly’.

iv. Fill in the form carefully and make sure you save each and every step.

v.  Go back to the home page and click ‘view application history’ to confirm you have filled everything correctly. (This page is not for printing)

vi.  Go back home and click the ‘print form’ icon to get your hard copy documents.

vii. Applicants are then required to take the printed form to their local pastor, area sub-chief and a lawyer who confirms that the information submitted is accurate.

viii. The duly filled form is then submitted to HELB offices.  
NOTE: The forms must be filled with accurate and truthful information. Be warned that students who obtain loans through misrepresentation of facts might be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Filling the Application Form [ src]

The Online loan application form is divide into the following 3 stages.


This comprises of three sub categories as elaborated below. You are required to fill each section before proceeding to the next item.
a) Step 1 of 3: Applicant:- Personal Details In this section, an applicant is required to fill out there personal information. Items such as Sub-location,Division,location etc should reflect information as per your National Identification Card.

b) Step 2 of 3: Applicant:- Residence Details In this section, an applicant is required to fill out there current place of residence information. Items such as Sub-location,Division,location etc should reflect your current place of residence and not as indicated in your ID Card.

c) Step 3 of 3: Applicant:- University & Loan Details In this section, an applicant is required to fill out there university and loan details.Specify how much loan you require and in case you need bursary this is the section to tick on.

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STAGE 2: PARENTS DETAILS (Main Tab) This comprises of four sub sections as elaborated below. You are required to fill each section before proceeding to the next item.

a) Step 1 of 4: Parents/Guardian details – Parents Marital Status In this section, an applicant is required to fill out there parents marital information. Please specify whether you are an orphan or from a single parent. If either parent is deceased you will be required to provide details of their death certificates and attach certified copies of the same.

b) Step 2 of 4: Parents/Guardian details – Father details. This section is mandatory, if your father is alive. If you specify on the option NOT ALIVE, you wont be required to fill the details of your father.

c) Step 3 of 4: Parents/Guardian details – Mother details. This section is mandatory, if your Mother is alive. If you specify on the option NOT ALIVE, you wont be required to fill the details of your Mother.

d) Step 4 of 4: Parents/Guardian details – Family Expense Details In this section, an applicant is required to fill out there family expense details.This includes items such as food,clothing,rent etc. Please enter numeric values only without special characters or commas e.g. 5000 not 5,000.


This section has no sub-sections. You will only be required to fill your education details on the form capturing Primary, Secondary and any other enrollment after that.
Helb Loan Ammount Awarded 

In accordance with the current cost sharing policy, a government sponsored student is required to pay approx. Kshs.30,000/- per year to train at a public university. Out of this amount, HELB can award a maximum loan of Kshs 60,000 and a bursary worthy Kshs.8,000. The board currently gives a minimum of Khs 35,000. The amount awarded is based on the level of need.
The Board awards doctoral students an average of Kshs. 150,000 per year while Masters students receive Kshs.80,000/= [for humanities] and Kshs. 100,000 [for science based subjects]. The loans for post graduate students  are advertised in June every year and the beneficiaries are announced before the beginning of the academic year in September.

Undergraduate Bursaries 

HELB awards bursaries to extremely needy undergraduate students who benefit from loans for direct entry. Orphans, students from single parent families and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the bursaries. There is no separate application for this bursary but qualification for it depends on the information provided on the direct entry form.

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Loan Disbursement

HELB releases loan results before the new academic year starts. Students who qualify for loan awards will have their personal bank accounts credited before the beginning of each Semester.

Students who fail to secure a loan or are awarded inadequate amounts are encouraged to appeal. Each appeal is reviewed on its own merit. An applicant may fail to get a loan because of the following reasons:
  1.  The student may not have provided adequate information about himself /herself as requested.
  2. The students may have provided false information on the loan application form.

Management of HELB loans

Students are advised that the loans should be used mainly for:
  • Tuition,
  •  Books and stationery
  • Accommodation and subsistence. 
   Students are advised to desist from diverting the funds to leisure or other family obligations.
Repaying your Loan

Undergraduate loan repayment starts within one year of completion of studies or within such a period as the Board decides to recall the loan whichever is earlier. However, you can make voluntary payments before or after you complete your studies to reduce your loan balance.

The loan attracts interest of 4% p.a and the students are required to repay their loans after one year of completion of their studies. Loan defaulters are penalized. For each month that remains unpaid, a lonee is penalized a fine of not less than five thousand shillings.

If you die before clearing the loan, HELB can waive the loan upon request from your next of kin.

A certificate of clearance is given to beneficiaries who have cleared their loan.

For any query over HELB application process, please leave a comment or like our facebook page   
 You can also follow me on Twitter  [    ]

Higher Education Loans Board, HELB Kenya.


Background Information 

The Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, is a financier of higher education in Kenya. It was established by an Act of Parliament (Cap 213A) in 1995 as state Corporation under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Responsibilities and Objectives

The mandate of the Board is to disburse loans, bursaries and scholarship to students pursuing higher education in recognized institution. HELB provides affordable LOANS, bursaries and scholarship to Kenyans pursuing higher education. In addition, the Board is empowered to recover all outstanding loans given to former university students by the GoK since 1952 through HELF and to establish a Revolving Fund from which funds can be drawn to lend out to needy Kenyan students pursuing higher education. 

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The Board’s objective is to give financial support to NEEDY Kenyan students ( Undergraduate and Post-graduate students ) in institutions of higher learning both locally and abroad. However, due to financial constraints, it is currently not in a position to provide loans to students studying outside the country. This includes self-sponsored students and government sponsored students who are admitted to public universities through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service ( Kuccps).

The board awards the loan to the following categories of students:

a.Diploma and Certificate Students

Students pursuing Diploma and Certificate courses in Public universities, university colleges, public national polytechnics and Institutes of Technology and Technical Training institutes country-wide are eligible for TVET loan and bursary. Orphans, single parent students and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the loans and or bursaries. The application period is January to April every year.

b.Undergraduate Government or self Sponsored Students

Students pursuing undergraduate programmees in Public universities and university colleges are eligible to apply for  Direct Entry Students Loans. These loans are for students joining public or private universities/colleges within the East African Community directly from high school either through the KUCCPS or as self-sponsored.  

c. Post Graduate stsudents

HELB awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies. The award is based on academic merit. Scholarships are allocated to universities every year, based on the population of their student. The application period is April to July every year and the beneficiaries are announced  before the beginning of the academic year in September. Applicants are required to pay a processing fee of kshs 3,000

HELB Application Basic Requirements

Applicants are required to have the following credentials before applying for HELB loan:

  1.  A Copy of your National Identification card. HELB uses your ID No to identify an applicant. You will also use your national Id No when creating an account.   
  2. A valid bank account. Students who qualify for loan awards will have their personal bank accounts credited before the beginning of each Semester. Students are advised to open accounts in the following collaborating banks:
      • Kenya Commercial Bank
      • National Bank of Kenya
      • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)
      • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
      • Equity Bank.
  3. KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority. The Pin helps the board to track its loanee's. It is therefore an important element in the application process.
  4. Your Parent (s)/ guardian particulars. This includes his* name, marital status, level of education, source of income, employee details, current pay slip and employee No. (If employed).
  5. Your Parents Death certificate( If not existing).
  6. Copy of letter of admission to the university/college.
  7.  Copies of two guarantors’ ID’s.
  8. Three Recent colored passport size photograph
Now you know.

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