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Background Information

Founded in 2014, Nchi Yetu has become No. 1 pre-university student blog  in Kenya. Every day thousands of students come to the site for factual advice and to read campus & colleges-related news & information in Kenya.  

What we do?

We provide free, impartial advice to students on how to choose their careers and spend their life in Campus. We also write unique stories, facts and information about Kenyan universities and colleges. Nchi Yetu is committed to fostering a resource which is perceived as both trustworthy and useful to students and graduates from all backgrounds. This is what makes Nchi Yetu so different from the many other student websites out there. 

Meet the Founder

Nchi Yetu blog was founded in 2014 by Silvano Ngacha, then in his third year at Egerton University. Along with a fantastic team, Nchi Yetu is now dedicated to the growth of the blog to continue supporting students in Kenya. We now have more than 5 student contributors from various universities in Kenya writing top quality articles sharing their own experiences to help others.

Silvano Ngacha is a passionate blogger well versed in Web designing and development, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. He love to write posts for his blog in his spare time. Besides Blogging, he is interested in reading, socializing, traveling and horse riding.