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Courses Offered At Moi University

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The following undergraduate undergraduate programmes are offered at moi university in the respective schools. 

School of Information Sciences

1.      Bachelor of Science in Informatics
2.      Bachelor of Science (Information Sciences)
3.      Bachelor of Science (Media Science)

School of Biological and Physical Sciences

1.      Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 
2.      Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (AS),
3.      Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing (AST),
4.      Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry,
5.      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) and
6.      Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

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School of Human Resource Development

Certificate Programmes

1.      Certificate in Human Resource Management
2.      Certificate in Public Relations
3.      Certificate in Entrepreneurship
4.      Certificate in Project Management
5.      Certificate in Public Speaking

Diploma Programmes
  1. Diplomas in Human Resource
  2.  Diplomas in Public Relations
  3.   Diplomas in Entrepreneurship
  4. Diplomas in Project Management
  5. Diplomas in Journalism

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  1. Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations
  2. Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication
  3. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism
  4. Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  5. Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management
  6.  Bachelor of Science in Entreprenuership
  7.  Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management
School of Engineering

1.      B. Eng. in Civil and Structural Engineering
2.      B. Eng. in Mechanical and Production Engineering
3.      B. Eng. in Industrial and Textile Engineering
4.      B. Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5.      B. Eng. in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering
6.      B. Eng. in Chemical and Process Engineering


School of Education /Education Programmes

1.      Bachelor of Education [Arts]
2.      Bachelor of Education [Education Science]
3.      Bachelor of Education [Technology Education]
4.      Bachelor of Education [Guidance and Counselling]
5.      Bachelor of Education [Early Childhood and Primary Education]

Health Sciences Programmes

School of Dentistry

1.      Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS -5 years)

School of Medicine

1.      Bachelor of Medicine
2.      Bachelor of Surgery
3.      Bachelor of Nursing
4.      Bachelor of Physical Therapy
5.      Bachelor of Medical Psychology

School of Public Health

1.      Diploma in Community Health
2.      Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

School of Nursing

1.      Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Undergraduate)
2.      Master of Science in Nursing

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Business & Economics Programmes

School of Business and Economics

1.      Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
2.      Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
3.      Bachelor of Travel and Tour Operations Management
4.      Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
5.      Bachelor of Arts in Economics
6.      Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management
7.      Bachelor of Sports Management

Arts and Social Sciences Programmes

School of Arts and Social Sciences
1.      Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts (Theatre arts)
2.      Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies
3.      Bachelor of Arts in Geography
4.      Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies
5.      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
6.      Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
7.      Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literary Studies (Linguistics)
8.      Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Theatre and Film Studies
9.      Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration

Aerospace Programmes

School of Aerospace Sciences
1.     Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Science and Operations

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