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Applicants who meet the cut-off point set by the Placement Service (Previously known as JAB) for admission to degree and diploma programmes are required to follow a set procedure to apply for diploma and degree programmes of their choice.

Step 1:Download the Course Application Manual and review the application guidelines. The file lists all the diploma and degree programmes on offer, Programme clusters , similar programmes , non-similar programs and registered institutions.
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Step 2: Access from your computer or from your mobile handset to proceed and Use the link titled; Register to sign-up as a new user.  

Step 3: Update your personal contact information. For mobile users, click on link titled Home , to view this link.

NOTE:  DO NOT send money before registering as a user.

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Step 4: To access Programme Application Form, you MUST pay Kshs 1,000 (Revision fees) or Kshs 1500 (First Time applicants) through your mobile phone by Mpesa following the instructions below:
  1.  Go to M-PESA on your phone.
  2. Select Pay Bill option
  3. Enter Business no. 820201
  4. Enter 4 digits Exam Year followed by 11 Digits Index Number as your account number. e.g 2014123456789
  5. Enter the Amount
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN 
  7. Send.
Step 5: You will receive an M-PESA payment confirmation message. On receipt of the message, keep the transaction code and  continue with the application process.

 Step 6: If you had logged out or the page times out, log in again through the link titled Login to proceed.

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Step 7: Use the link titled  "Application / Revision " Form to complete your application/revision as follows:
a) Enter the Programme codes for the revised programme choices that you recorded in step 1c and save
b) The choices you have made will be displayed if you have completed the form without errors. If you find errors indicated in red, correct and save again.

 Step 8: You MUST Log out when you have finalized with application. This is necessary so as to keep your application information safe.

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